The expertise in printed circuits as culture

Founded in 1986, Cibel has forged an undeniable reputation in the manufacture of printed circuits : prototypes, small and medium scale batches. Our products have been used with great success by industrial majors in such varied fields as semiconductors, avionics, defense, telecommunications, medical, research and general industry … as well as by specialized technological niches.
Our production site manages the complete range of production processes. This is a must have to achieve our two goals which are : The Technical excellence, the guarantee to propose the best leadtime whatever the technology.
New manufacturing building, one of the most recent machines park in Europe, many new employees, a major international footprint : all these elements showing Cibel dynamism.
Our obsession stays the same : OTD (On Time Delivery) & OQD (On Quality Delivery) fulfillment.
We prepare as well the future by proposing unique selling points in services and technical aspects.

From the most basic to the most complex projects, over and extensive range of circuits types, our commitment to you is to meet your specific needs with custom-made printed circuits!