Cibel DNA is to propose all PCB parameters at the State of the Art values.
On the basis of our PCB experts, with all our internal manufacturing processes, with a very recent machines park and adapted for a market positioning, Cibel offers the most advanced parameters on all technologies : Imaging, lamination, drilling, finishing.
Without subsituting to the conceptions rules and standards (IPC2221, 2222, 223 or customers rules), Cibel has differentiated three categories in its limit of feasibility, parameter per parameter :
« Standard » characteristics dealing with basic products
« Technical » characteristics for more advanced products
« Special » characteristics close to our limits, on very specific products. This last category is by default forbidden to EN9100 items.

The reading of these parameters tables gives an overview of Cibel differentiators for Rigid, flexible or Rigid Flexible ;
For instance absolute values on some parameters (Size of boards, number of layers, track and gap width, Copper/solder mask positioning ..), The full set of possible finishing, 802 material references in stock.
Some innovations are not present on this document. They will be detailed by your sales contact.