Opening Cibel2

Production surface x2
Opening Cibel2

New machine plugin paste

Epoxy fillin blind & through vias
New machine plugin paste

New Dry film stripper

Improvement of the manufacturing stream
New Dry film stripper
The Co development is organized on all critical projects with experts in the manufacture of PCBs in each of our areas of excellence: Heat Dissipation, ATE boards/HDI, RF.
 One Stop Shop
Cibel offers the choice of materials, the choice of finishing, the choice of the broader technology on the prototyping market and small series , with the slider control from Industrial parts up to Aeronautics.
 Best In Class lead time/technology
Cibel has adapted and optimized its industrial tool and its processes, to offer the best compromise between leadtime and technologies risk management…
Cibel shares its technological roadmap based on 3 complementary directions to our clients and future clients. Our roadmap is the result of listening to the needs of our partners and the in-depth knowledge of our European ecosystem. Discover what will make your differentiators !

Test boards

Traditional Probing Direct attach Direct probing Final test Burnin test Application board Reliability board

RF Circuits

Very precise etching Controled Surface state RF& hyperfrequency materials Dedicated Finishing

HDI boards

Most complex structure, in drilling and lamination Feasibility study and stackup validation BGA pitch <0,3mm support Ultra Fine gap & tracks

Flexi Rigide circuits

From 25µm to 150µm Dedicated Finishing & soldermask APxxxx / FRxxxx / LFxxxx families

Flexible circuits

From 25µm to 150µm Dedicated Finishing & soldermask APxxxx / FRxxxx / LFxxxx families

Thermal dissipation

Cladding mecanical operations Full copper fillin Internal layers,ground or image, till 400µm Innovating solution for high thermal dissipation components