Feasibility study on the most complex items.
Limit of feasibility proposing an upstream view of risk level and associated cost.
Commercial quotation underlining systematically any manufacturing impossibility.
CAD pre-analysis within 24hours after PO placed
A very experienced CAD team, more than 20years average as customer interface.
In 75% of the cases, we emitt remarks and/or proposals to our customers.
New CAD tool, unique in France, with a tremendous number of scripts, to ensure manufacturing file robustness.
Example : 2200 algorithm of control for a standard ML20.

Support of technical experts

RF lines modelling with impedances control
Calculation and optimization of the stackup
Unique Database in place. Can be accessed anywhere by all workshops. All customers profiles and specifications included.
Quality service with IPC600 expert.
Structure certified ISO9001 & EN9100